Seeking Integrity in the Republican Party

Seeking Integrity in the Republican Party

Posted on July 9, 2012


One MUST consider just how important local elected Committee seats are, and the importance of the upcoming, 8/7/12 election. The Christian County Republican Central Committee is our local voice, our conservative input, to where the Party heads. We direly need ethical people of integrity there representing us.

Thus far, the CCRCC has done a lot of preaching, but extended little representation of constituents in Christian County. I hope Christian County conservatives heed Patsy Wilcox and Wanda Martens 7/4/12 editorial, and hold CCRCC members to their ByLaw objectives.

Quoting ByLaws, like quoting scripture, doesn’t mean you abide by them. After all, Satan quoted scripture.

Many seated Committee Members seeking re-election seem to be utterly defying Committee ByLaws and objectives referenced in that editorial; pretty much every article, and every subsection.

CCRCC Bylaws state, first and foremost, that Committee Members are to “support the Constitution.” What, pray tell, have incumbent Central Committee Members done to support the Constitution? Where, exactly, do they stand regarding “supporting the Constitution”?

Some Committee members, with their absolute hatred of Republican Ron Paul (the most constitutionally minded representative presently in Congress), booed and hissed the very mention of our founding fathers at the County Caucus. Why? That was shameful, and utterly uncalled for.

CCRCC Parliamentarian, Steve Stewart, stated 6/28/12 “all this Constitutional crap you all keep spouting” (referring to Paul supporters within the Party), while misattributing a quote from the Declaration of Independence, to the Constitution. “Constitutional crap”?! This coming from the Committee Parliamentarian?! I found myself speechless. I put my life on the line, in the US Army, protecting and defending that Constitutional “crap”!

Committee Bylaws require Members “facilitate cooperation among the Committee, and promote the Republican Party’s conservative principles.” Yet, many County Committee Members have excluded, ridiculed, cursed, threatened and even “flipped off” other Committee Members, Committee candidates, and constituents who point to the Constitution and “conservative principles” the Party “claims” to espouse.

Herein lies the basic problem. The Republican Party largely defies its own Platform, while the CCRCC isn’t even coming close to abiding its own ByLaws or objectives.

Wilcox likes to stop reading the Bylaws before Article 3, section 1(c), which states vacant Committee seats are to be filled “as soon as feasibly possible.”

A few months ago, the Committee voted (14/4) against seating 5 new Committee Members running unopposed for currently vacant seats. The given reason, loosely quoted, was “we don’t know you.” Well you wouldn’t know us any better had we just gotten voted in 8/7/12, either. Why does the standing Committee fear precinct representation so? Why does it defy its own objectives?

My, and other, precincts remain without representation, without a voice, as the Committee deters meaningful discourse, and “new business.” I have little recourse than to air these matters in our local paper.

Is this status quo the representation you want? If not, make certain to vote the moderate/progressives currently running the Republican Party in this county out of office 8/7/12.

Yes, the time has come to hold the Republican Party, particularly the sitting CCRCC, accountable to their ByLaws and objectives. The Committee has proven to enormously fail their constituents, and the conservative principles we stand for.

Patsy Wilcox, who is supporting self-described “moderate progressive” Mitt Romney at the National Republican Convention, is being challenged by Kathyrn Estep for her Committee seat. Wanda Martens has Mary Yoder, and another opponent vying for her Committee seat.

People in the following precincts have a big choice to make 8/7/12: East Benton, Riverside, West Finley, East Finley, Lincoln, North Linn, McCracken, Oldfield, Northview, and Union Chapel.

If you reside in one of these precincts, I suggest you carefully consider the candidates running for the Republican Central Committee. If you believe the Republican Party has lost its way, and defied the conservative principles it claims to stand for, please vote, and vote the moderate/progressives out.

Which candidates will have the integrity to hold firm to sound judgement? Which ones will vote for the lesser of 2 evils? (Evil still being evil.) Who is running because they were awakened by the enormous lack of integrity within the Party? Who is standing up and trying to make a difference? And who is promoting the status quo?

Make yourself heard at the polls 8/7/12, and acknowledged at the Committee meetings.


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