Trial by Media: Ibarra, Zimmerman, and Wilson

Well said, Nick.
Do ya’ll think the propaganda machine may have been instructed to go full bore on the race card?

Southwest Missouri Thinker

Note: This is a long one – so hang on. And I hope it’s worth your time.

It wasn’t long ago I was a regular headline in the local news. A city councilman hitting rock bottom in two instances that led to his resignation from office and eventually 120 days of incarceration. Since that time, two major events have occurred that I watched with a heightened sense of understanding and frustration. After all, I had been through the media ringer and I was watching the same thing happen with two other individuals: George Zimmerman and as of late Ferguson, Missouri Police Officer Darren Wilson.

To back up a little I want to briefly discuss what I mean with the title “trial by media”. When a shocking and exciting event happens and news agencies cover the story, the news reporters are in a position to have to report the story –…

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