SCANDAL: 69% of Ebola cases in Liberia not confirmed by lab tests

Eugenics and pandemics

Sixty-nine percent of all the Ebola cases in Liberia registered by WHO have not been ben lab confirmed through blood tests, the Washington Post reports.

As for the FDA diagnostic tests used for the lab confirmation of Ebola, these are so flawed that the FDA has prohibited anyone from claiming they are safe or effective. That means, a significant proportion of the remaining 31 % f the Ebola cases lab confirmed through blood tests could be false cases.

Another 47% of Ebola cases have been deemed “probable”, according to WHO.

It looks like WHO has vastly overestimated the number of Ebola cases in Liberia.

The crucial information is, as usual, buried at the end of a Washington Post report.

“The country has become so overwhelmed that only 31 percent of Ebola cases in Liberia have been lab-confirmed through blood tests, WHO said. Another 47 percent of Liberia’s cases have been deemed “probable,” which means the have been evaluated…

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