“Soul” train. The vaccine connection.

There has been a lot of discussion of late about the ebola outbreak and vaccines. It got me to thinkin’ about the cloned fetus‘ used to create all of these different types of injections and if each of the cloned genetics that are used have a piece of the soul along with the genetics? I don’t believe that anyone has shown a way to test this, and if we don’t know that answer, I would think that the question should be brought to the forefront.

That is my intention with this writing. To assume, that it is an impossibility would be illogical. So let’s assume, for this writeup’s sake, that a part of this child’s “soul” got transferred along with the genetics used. Let’s follow the life of this “soul“. baby vaccineThis soul was formed when mommy and daddy were playing with fate; Or, since I have no evidence of this happening, it may have been entirely planned from the start(when the sperm hits the egg).  It is said to have been aborted during a normal and healthy pregnancy, which would mean that during it’s fetal stage it has been through a normal growth of any other newly formed baby. Then all of a sudden, the baby’s life gets intruded upon and the safety of the mothers womb has been invaded. When all of a sudden this invader of your world comes and removes you from all you have ever known, the fear, the panic, the loneliness, that child must have felt. Now if this is the time they obtained the genetic tissues needed for their samples, Do you think the “soul” might carry that experience? Let’s follow through. This “soul” now ends up experiencing all types of different changes, going through the labs and manufacturing process, until it becomes a vaccine or whatever the genetic make-up has been used to create.

Now comes my philosophical conundrum. If that “soul” is still a part of the cells, then that would mean that when we received that vaccine or injection, we are allowing someone to inject this new creation into us. This murdered “soul“, crying out for its mommy and the cries for their mommy are ignored until they’re murdered. How many injections have you received? Ask yourself, do you really think all the cell structure used for the cloning is from just one or two murdered babies?  I don’t believe that, I can’t believe that. Keeping this in mind; How many suffering “souls” have been intentionally injected into our bodies for the sake of a maybe? Are those a seed of a “soul” growing inside each and every one of us that have received these injections?

So now what do we do?

First, investigate ALL injections received. Read the warning labels, and the ingredients. I, by no means, am telling anyone not to get any injections, I am saying, we need to learn what we are allowing into our bodies. After that we need to start living a clean life. A life as free of sin as one is able. Getting closer to God. It will become our choice on what we feed our spiritual self, and now, possibly, some uninvited guests. Our tomorrows are ours, where do we want them to take us? The choice is up to us. John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Written by Pat N. Dehat


8 thoughts on ““Soul” train. The vaccine connection.

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  2. Ironically, you are spot on.

    You are the first person I have found to understand this.

    However the “soul” is not what it seems. It is a network of resonances which attach themselves to everything; bodies included. Personally, I call these resonances “imputes”. In effect an impute can either drive or be driven. Just as with our transport vehicles, more than one driver will likely crash a car, but for complex machinery there may be a whole team of technical support people ably assisting the driver.

    Thus our bodies are an equilibrium of passive/active “souls”. Our DNA (that which is behind the chemical patterns science acknowledges) approximates the correct bodily features for the new host (active soul network) and features are switched on (or off) with the production of the body after conception. However, everything that is consumed or added to the body can change its vibration resonance. At extremes, an prior active soul driver will relinquish command. This can effect a bodily metamorphosis compensating for the new impute mindset, but more likely a distinct “character” change.

    There are posts at my website that explain this in more detail or in different ways:




      • DNA does not work like this. Indeed, our science and its analysis of chemical patterns, contort DNA.

        Intrinsically, different aspects of the “soul network” connect to every sub-particle of our bodies. These are run though multiple features. At its different levels of operation, our body belongs to multiple universes. The Celts new this. The only important ancestral relationship is mother/father child. The offspring are the product of BOTH parents and provide a physical and metaphysical map for the future. Real DNA is controlled remotely, ultimately by the Prime Source (God), by “hierarchical factions”.

        It is these hierarchical factions that determine which aspects of the DNA catalogue are switched on. As real DNA is spectral, it includes the atomic make up of a being and also (as a consequence) the elevation of “active” souls (body drivers at each universal level).


        I hope that’s bit clearer now.


  3. This three+ minute video can open your world to an entire new way of thinking. It also helps draw some lines as to how I’ve come to write this piece. It was shared with me today, and I had to add it for those that were unaware of these things. Sound is a remarkable thing.


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