Ebola treatment buried by Pentagon

Eugenics and pandemics

Montgomery Granger, a retired U.S. Army Reserve major, asks whether the US government would hide an Ebola vaccine to preserve Ebola as a possible bioweapon.


The answer seems to be, yes. The US government patented the Ebola virus in October 2009, but it has emerged, a treatment from 2010 was kept dormant for two years.

“The technology for antibody cocktails such as ZMapp has “been around for a few decades,” says Robert Garry, a professor of microbiology at Tulane University. “This is something that, given the emergency, the government could have moved a little faster on, quite honestly.” He’s more right than he knows. The treatment came into the hands of a little-known Pentagon agency in late 2010, and, Bloomberg Businessweek has learned, ZMapp sat there dormant, waiting for a contract, for two years.” reports Businessweek.


The article also mentions the astronomical sums of money that have gone…

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