Long Time Friend of Property Rights Tased and Beaten in Sparta

A friend of mine found the wrong end of a taser last week. This is starting to hit home people.


Thursday night, January 22nd 2015 after attending the Mountain Grove PRC meeting, 69 year old rancher Bob Estep was heading to his home near Sparta when a car with it’s brights on pulled in behind him. Estep said he was trying to let the driver behind him know that the brights were blinding him by moving his rearview mirror attempting to flash the lights to the driver to his rear and moving the mirror around caused Estep to weave a little bit as he traveled down the road.

According to Estep, approximately 3 miles outside Sparta as he neared his turn off point, the vehicle behind Bob turned on it’s emergency lights indicating that it was a patrol car. Estep pulled over and waited for the officer to come to the side of his car. According to Bob Estep, he was waiting a rather lengthy amount of time, and he…

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I’m a euro-mutt.

Call me “Cracker”, “Honkey”, or “Whitey” and it’s socially acceptable.

…But if I called you “Kike”, “nigga”, “rag head”,”Towelhead”, “WOP”, “Camel Jockey”, “Gook”, “sand nigga”, “slant eyes” or “chink” you’d call me a racist.

There is United Negro College Fund……Black History Month. …….. the NAACP…… BET, Miss Black America.

But –
-If we had WET(White Entertainment Television) …we’d be racist.

-If we had a White Pride Day… we’d be called racist.

-If we had white history month… we’d be racist.

-If we had an organization for only whites to “advance” our lives… we’d be racist.

-If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships…. we’d be racist.

In the Million Man March, participants believed they were marching for their race and rights. But, if Caucasians marched for their race and rights….they’d be called racist.

Did you know that some high school students decided…

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The reality salesman makes a house call

Outside the Reality Machine

The reality salesman makes a house call

by Jon Rappoport

January 28, 2015


…For a moment, a person sees beyond the picture of his own reality. He sees huge open space. He knows he can act on the basis of an inner leverage. He knows he has great power.

And then…


Step up, folks. This is a deal you can’t afford to miss. You know that thing you cling to like a drowning man in a turbulent sea?

It’s called reality, and I represent the company that manufactures it. I’m proud to say I’ve held this job for over a hundred thousand years. So as far as product knowledge is concerned, you just aren’t going to find anybody like me.

I’m here to tell you that reality is never anything more than rocks and bricks and concrete and steel. Reality is never anything more than…

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Alabama & Oklahoma Ban NWO Agenda 21 Banking Scheme: States At War With Their Over Taken Federal Corporation!

Alabama & Oklahoma Ban NWO Agenda 21 Banking Scheme: States At War With Their Over Taken Federal Corporation!

Political Vel Craft

The 50 States National Cathedral The 50 States National Cathedral

Following Alabama’s lead, lawmakers in the Oklahoma House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to approve popular legislation protecting private-property rights and banning a controversial United Nationssustainable development” scheme known as Agenda 21, which critics say represents a serious threat to American values and liberty. If approved by the Senate as expected, the law would also prohibit state and local governments from working with the UN or its affiliates to implement any sort of “international law” that violates the U.S. or Oklahoma constitutions.

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Is consciousness an illusion?

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Is consciousness an illusion?

By Jon Rappoport
January 26, 2015

“Cutting through disinformation about consciousness is vital, because neuroscience is moving toward a mind-controlled society, based on the idea that individual awareness is an illusion, and stimulus-response is the key to shaping a new Collective of synchronized ‘happy’ brains.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

A brief historical note: Roughly a century ago, as scientists and philosophers were attacking organized religion, they assumed that science would come to “rule” all knowledge, for the benefit of humanity.

Today, their descendants still believe in the simplistic dichotomy between religion and science:

If science fails to answer a metaphysical question, just wait a while and it will; otherwise, we will be thrown back into the opiate soup of religion, and that must never happen.

This is nonsense.

This either-or approach is fictitious garbage. Religion or science, as the only two choices, is a fraud.

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If someone else has posted this before, it’s worth the repeat.

PLEASE, before you allow anybody you know to get vaccinated for ANYTHING, please have them watch this video. I have researched most, if not all of what they are talking about within, and have seen most of the documentation and testimonies while doing my own research. The real hoax is that it is being sold as safe and needed.



Vast experiments on humans: a forgotten document

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Vast experiments on humans: a forgotten document

By Jon Rappoport
January 19, 2015

People are unaware of the vast scope of human experimentation in America.

Here are just a few examples:

The entire field of psychiatry, which offers 300 so-called mental disorders for diagnosis and drugging, is a pseudoscience, because none of those mental disorders has a defining physical diagnostic test. No blood test, no urine test, no brain scan, no genetic assay.

The entire area of biotech manipulation of food crops, in which genes from one species are inserted into another; the FDA originally approved GMO crops on the basis that it was the biotech industry’s responsibility to assure safety and no health risk.

Every year in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people. (See B. Starfield, JAMA, July 26, 2000, “Is US health really the best in the world?”) Of those 225,000 deaths, 106,000 are caused…

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