Back in, late 2012, on the way back from witnessing an acquaintance of ours, Douglas Howery, get railroaded through a, so called, murder trial, and received life in prison, my wife and I watched the sky turn from a normal sky blue, to this, because of “jet-trails”. Let’s say these “jet-trails” are a normal part of flight, just for the sake of this conversation. Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves and everyone else we know;. Is it right that the corporate world and/or others are taking away our sunlight? If everyone hasn’t noticed yet, the jets seem to be leaving long stripes in the sky’s, that don’t go away. They not only, don’t go away, but they grow, and “FILL” the skies, unil there is no more sun.. Now, I’m told, that condensation from the jets wings and moisture and certain types of fuel additives could be the cause of these stripes, but the science I’ve learned doesn’t match with the stories I’m being told. Either way, no matter what one wishes to call these “jet-trails”, or whatever the scientists, that are looking into it, find, the point remains that our sun is being blocked, on a regular basis by these growing stripes, and I for one am getting tired of not having access to my sun. I have to question the sanity of anyone that has been looking up at the sky’s and think that covering the sky, with whatever it is they are using, can be healthy.
Don’t let apathy kill this world. Together we can find the truth, but first we have to want to look for it.

-Pat N. DeHat


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