Sites / Books /Movies that Support the Vaccine Cancer Connection

Vaccine Cancer Connection Research

This page has only just began…more soon… comment with any additions you might have.

See below: Websites, Books and Movies to support the vaccine- cancer connection:

WEBSITE  / MOVEMENTS:   wow! this site explains the whole scenario of SV40!! and polio vaccine      international council on vaccination -dr.humphries    vocal leaders in informed choice        vaccine calculator  -an excellent source of information from M.D.s -extensive collection of abstracts and full texts proving harm   -vaccines and autism             -a great compilation on the harms of vaccination   gets **bibical** on it       neil z miller(!!)      Dr. Meryl Nass  ))Anthrax bio-warfare            also Dr. Meryl Nash Anthrax vaccine   Dr. Humphries -dr. suzanne humphries books

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