Why Save Seed? GMO’s and Your Garden

Why Save Seed? GMO’s and Your Garden
Posted on February 24, 2015 | Leave a comment
Don’t let your garden become contaminated with GMO vegetables and fruits.by Jill Henderson – Show Me Oz –

Last week we discussed some of the more obvious reasons for saving your own seed: to be more self-sufficient and save money, to adapt varieties to the local environment, and to increase genetic diversity in food crops. But, of course, I can’t talk about saving seeds without discussing Genetically Modified Organisms, (GMO’s) otherwise known as Franken-food.

I think by now most Americans have a general understanding of what GMO’s are, but just so we’re all on the same page, let me give you a quick definition. GMO’s are organisms (in this case, food crops) that have had their natural genetic structure altered by literally forcing the genes of unrelated plants, animals, insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses and even human genes into the host plant’s embryonic cells using a virus as a vector to infect the host and spread the new gene.

Now, I don’t know what your spiritual beliefs are, but I don’t believe the Creator ever intended for rice and mice to splice. This is the way we have bred and developed crops for thousands of years. Spirituality aside, there are serious concerns as to how these genetically modified foods act upon the human and animal body when consumed over a long period of time.

Many people believe that it is the job of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect consumers from the potential dangers that might come from eating or growing GMO’s and the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Environmental Safety to make sure they don’t pose a threat to other life forms. But those beliefs are abused in such a way as to give the general public a false sense of security.

Beets are among one of the latest food crops to be genetically modified.In fact, the FDA has never conducted a single study on the safety of consuming or growing GMO’s. Instead, they rely solely on information supplied to them from the purveyors of false science and lobbyists paid for by Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont and other biotech/chemical companies whose sole interest is not to “feed the world”, as their PR touts claim, but to make money for themselves and their shareholders.

There are, however, more than just a few independent studies that have
Read more here; https://showmeoz.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/why-save-seed-gmos-and-your-garden/


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