Einstein vs Tesla, or should I say “The thorn in the side of science”.

The thorn in the side of science-Tesla

The thorn in the side of science-Tesla

Ok all you astronomy and science geeks, these guys talk a good talk, but does their argument hold any water? Does geocentrism hold any standing, compared to heliocentric? Does gravity pull us down, or does the space around us, the ether, push? Does Einstein’s theories hold any more water than Tesla’s? Or do they fall apart under scrutiny? This blog looks into some history of the two and what their involvement in the sciences have resulted.

In the following video, the theory of Geocentric gets tested against the heliocentric theory. You be the judge of which presents itself more scientifically. I wish to make it clear that I am not trying to tell you which is correct, only that you ask yourselves, if a theory was a car, and you were buying it, would you be be buying it on the mechanical strength of the vehicle, or the theoretical philosophy that says that it might run but you’ve never tested it?

In the following article the question of the ether is discussed and again it seems Tesla didn’t agree with Einstiens finds. Tesla was convinced that there was a ether that surrounds everything, everywhere, similar to the effects of water. In turn causing a friction of sort to be part of all energy wave movements. In turn theorizing the push of the ether was holding us down. Compared to Einstein’s theory of bent space, and gravity has a pulling force, and the E=Mc2 equation. Again, you judge.


In the next videos, admittedly, it is bias against Einstein, but I ask you all, “Is the information held within, wrong”?


You might be asking, why does it matter who is who and why you should care. I suggest to you that we need to start looking closer at where the money came from and why someone would want to advance bad science. It may interest you to know, that most science taught in our schools have come from the funding of the same government officials that brought you evolution and common core. In turn allowing our children to be taught that there is no God. What if they “are giving you bad science”? Like any other poison that enters into a foreign body, information can act like a virus. Once bad science is used to advance a people, any involved will ultimately suffer the consequences.

Are you letting bad science to stop your full potential? Only you can be the tester of that. But if you are wrong, you have a lot to lose, and you may be teaching an eternal mistake to the people you love at the same time. Are you truly ready to become a salesmen, for the same science, that is telling you that eugenics is good for us? Just sayin. If I am wrong. I hurt no-one, for the truth I share is based solely on Love.


One thought on “Einstein vs Tesla, or should I say “The thorn in the side of science”.

  1. WTF are you on about? You seem to be pro Tesla, but then you get a little confused. You do know that Tesla was pro-eugenics right?


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