Here is the proof to file appropriate arrest warrants for your elected officials

A closer look at ALEC

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These are deliberate and premeditated criminal acts…not politics!!!

They are committing crimes against the people.

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Let them prove they are innocent!

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Breaking: the fake plan to “investigate Monsanto”

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Breaking: the fake plan to “investigate Monsanto”

By Jon Rappoport
May 1, 2015

As my readers know, I’ve been doing extensive coverage of the lawsuit filed by Monsanto and Dow against the voters of Maui.

Last November, the voters passed a ballot resolution calling for a temporary block on Monsanto/Dow GMO experimentation in Maui County.

During this moratorium-period, an independent investigation would be undertaken, to discover details of these secret experiments and their effects on the land and people.

But Monsanto and Dow, by filing suit in federal court, have egregiously managed to suspend the vote and keep it in limbo.

Now, something else appears to be happening.

I’m basing this report on a witness statement from Maui. The witness has proved to be reliable in the past.

In its current budget hearings, the County Council of Maui is considering funding, along with the Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture, its…

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