Legalized, But Heavily Controlled Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Give Access in NY

Truth Farmer

Currently there are 23 states with some form of legalized access to cannabis. Most of these states have severely restricted the ability of people in need to actually get the cannabis that will likely help them or their loved one with the myriad of illnesses that cannabis can help to treat. Illinois, New York, Nevada, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and even Colorado are having issues with medical patients getting access to what they need.

Here’s a story from New York. The daughter of the main interviewee has a terrible form of epilepsy that can kill…

Despite pleas, quicker medical-pot bill in flux

The fate of legislation meant to speed up New York’s not-yet-launched medical marijuana program remains in flux.

The state Legislature passed a bill in mid-June that would allow the Department of Health to suspend certain regulations in order to allow a company to produce and distribute the drug…

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