Missouri Cannabis Initiatives…Attorney’s Thoughts on Show Me Cannabis Fail

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I was sent the following Facebook post from a friend who is also working on the Missouri Cannabis Restoration Act. Since there may be some people who, like me, are not on Facebook, I decided to share this post so people can get an idea of what is going here in the Show Me state with three very different (and two incredibly insanely taxed) cannabis initiatives.

While there are numerous particulars that actually demand another in depth article on this issue, the following will at least cover some of those issues and let people know a bit of what is actually going on with this issue.

One thing that Attorney Groce points out here is of major importance…Why is Show Me Cannabis, the biggest cannabis group in the state, not putting up their own initiative, and not lending their support to the best initiative that actually frees people to access…

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When is it time to take another look at our choices and actions? The Bible told us a long time ago to stay away from the poisons of big pharma. Is it time to listen yet?

When is it time to take another look at our choices and actions? The Bible told us a long time ago to stay away from the poisons of big pharma. Is it time to listen yet?


The Greek term “pharmakeia” (as related to our terms “pharmacy” and “pharmaceuticals”) is translated in the King James Version as “sorcery” or “witchcraft.” “Pharmakeia,” is defined as a “formula,” likened to an incantation of a “witch’s spell” relating the term to “sorcery.” (Rev 9:21, 18:23.)

The immediately related Greek term “pharmakon” is translated into the KJV as “sorcerer,” and defined as “a druggist/pharmacist”, specifically a “poisoner, ie. (by extens.) a magician; -sorcerer.” (Rev 21:8, 22:15).
The Greek word “magos” is also translated into the term “sorcery” in the KJV, meaning a magician, sorcerer, ie Oriental-scientist, magician, wise man. (Acts 8:9, 13:6, 13:8)

Truly, most pharmaceuticals (as well as most over-the-counter medications) are toxins that can poison us, as sorcery does. Cannabis stands in stark contrast to pharmaceuticals as a non-toxic plant/food/and miraculous medicine. There is absolutely no evidence that consumption of cannabis is responsible for a single death. Certainly the same cannot be said of pharmaceuticals!

A special kind of stupid

A special kind of stupid

Written By Pat N. DeHat

Are we, truly, just a special kind of stupid?

How often do you run into friends and family, that want to talk to you about how to vote? For me it happens almost daily. I have to think to myself, “is it worth trying to remind them of history?” Like how many lies have we been told? How much history has been changed, then added to the school’s curriculum to propagate the lies through education and brainwashing? How many times rigged votes are witnessed? How many times were we told a reason that we need to be at war, only to find that it was a false flag?  How about the Eugenics program killing us with vaccines and their healthcare? How easy it is to forget. If you are going to vote, maybe it’s time to vote None of the above (NOTA), and show them the numbers that have awakened to their game.

Click for a link: Are we, as a people, a special kind of stupid?

Are you serious?

Are you serious?

When will it be time that we have had enough lies to be able to realize that the politicians in the world do not have our best interest in mind and that they are just puppets of a larger fashion? For over a century, now, there has been those that wish to advance the Eugenics program, that is partially written in stone on the Georgia Guidestones, and has been an advanced policy of the New World Order. I won’t go into details here, because if you truly wish to know the truth, I have shown you enough already, to internet search it yourselves.
When will we, as a people, begin to remove the barriers of our fears and stand for what is right? When will we see that we have been warned of this happening? Even taking a quick veiw at what we were told within the prophecies of Yahweh’s Word, one can see that there are many correlations between what we see happening today and what we were told will happen, from the pen and mouths of people, over 2000 thousand years ago. It’s time to take a look to see who the pharisees are that we were warned of, and call them out for who they are.

We must be stupid. Even after all the lies we are told, we still fall for more. Remember Satan is on record for starting the first lie. Now what do we do about it? Well you see, there is this book called “The Bible”, and it shows us and teaches us exactly what we are to do. Give our burdens to Yahweh and trust Him enough to keep them there. Stop being pulled into the Beast’s lies, and stand for His Word. When will we see that in order to save ourselves, we have to realize that we can’t do it alone, and need to ask for help. Who will you be asking?

If you want the “TRUTH” go to the source. Study His “Word” and you’ll understand.

If you want to see the Truth, you have to look in the right place. Look to Yahshuah and “SEE“.

Written by Pat N. DeHat. Permission is granted to share with accreditation.

Local Vendors Flock to Go Green Festival

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Goat milk soap, hemp jewelry, smoked meats, organic vegetables, knit wool scarves and hats,  books of local history and smoothies  are among the many products exhibitors will have at the Go Green Self-Reliance Festival to be held in Thayer City Park, Thayer, Missouri October 17 and 18 according to event organizer Mike Slack.

“We are happy to have Green Acres Market and Mill Creek Nursery, both of Pocahontas with us for the first time serving smoothie samples and selling plants, as an example of the many fine local businesses and individuals participating. We’ve had folks sign up to sell lotions and soaps made of goat milk and other natural ingredients, hand-made wood products, works of art, tactical bugout bags, removable tattoos, solar powered flashlights, T-shirts, flags, knives, heirloom seeds and many other products that all benefit the local economy” Slack said.

“We are also happy to have several local authors…

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Go Green Festival – Many Attractions!

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Wood Powered Pick Up Truck, Solar Energy, Steam Engines and HAM Radio Highlight Go Green Festival in Thayer Oct 17, 18
More speakers and exhibitors are signing up for the Go Green Self-Reliance Festival to be held in Thayer City Park, Thayer, Missouri October 17 and 18 according to event organizer Mike Slack.
“One of our most popular exhibits has always been a wood gas powered pickup truck, powered entirely by firewood” Slack said. “This year a truck built and owned by Greg Henze of Doniphan will be featured. Greg first became interested in wood gas power when he saw a truck at the Go Green Festival a few years ago built by Wayne Keith, and featured in Mother Earth News magazine.” The truck will be available for viewing on Saturday.
Another source of power using wood and featured at the festival will be steam engine technology. Mike Brown…

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