Poll Position.

By The Hempeneer(Pat Kempen)
public opinionIMHO> Polls should be irrelevant to the subject of cannabis prohibition. Cannabis prohibition should be considered to be a tortuous act, being inflicted upon us by politicians, big corporations, prohibitionists, doctors, lawyers and anyone furthering the cause of these experiments and profiteering. Polls should have nothing to do with re-legalizing the cannabis/hemp plant. People trying to keep this plant prohibited from us need to be educated, if not arrested. They are taking away our right to it and that should not be accepted anymore.
Reefer madness poster 1.pngIt doesn’t look like many people are looking at the evidence of the cannabis/hemp plant, they only seem to believe the propaganda that has been around for decades, provided by our own government. More evidence is being gathered to show just cause that the schedule program must be stopped, immediately on this plant! What evidence do you want us to show you? That we are the guinea pigs of the Big Pharma world? Or that the cannabis plant is considered to be non-toxic? Or maybe the fact of profits getting in the way of the true potentials? Did you know there many studies to show we have been lied to about the cannabis/hemp plant?
cchealPlease, show me the evidence, that people speak of, that we need be a world that needs to regulate the cannabis plant. Teach us how important it is to use our children and the ill as pawns for the money hungry, by forcing them to take toxic prescription drugs. Tell me why, you shouldn’t be the people that are to be arrested. You are the people that take others untested experiments and force us to live with the outcome. Who’s harming whom here?
It’s time to talk about the facts. 

Prohibition is killing us and many of you don’t seem to care. Many of you only seem to care about what the polls say. Are you one of those? Do polls tell you what is right or wrong? Can polls be spun to get the required results? Stop listening to polls and start to do what you know is right.

truth will be knownLearn what is going on in your area and read the proposals that are put forth. If they do not fight prohibition 100% you should not be backing them, plain and simple. The better of two evils is still evil. Are you ever going to back what is truly just? When are you going to stand up for the truth? Or is the truth just not worth fighting for anymore?
Help the people get their healTHCare back. Sign the MCRP act and become a petitioner to help get it onto the 2016 ballot.

Ask us how.
Read the MCRP act # 2016-013 here. 

Read more of the Nam proposal #2016-134 and 135 here



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