US Constitution, Ready for Change

Posted on November 6, 2016


We the People have seem to become a part of a war that we never intended to become a part of. The “War on Drugs” has deemed many of the citizens of the United States to be criminals for such a destructive substance known as “marijuana”. The Reefer Madness, propaganda campaign made famous by Harry Anslinger.

I have yet to find the evidence of the harm that I keep hearing this plant causes, but those looking to keep this plant from the people sure seem to use those same unfounded claims to continue the prohibition of this plant, in turn the prohibition of our rights. I wonder what would happen if we started calling it “CANNABIS” people would start to understand how they have been duped, by their own government since the 1930’s  about a plant that could literally change and help save the world.


Many years ago there was a document written that outlined specific rights of the people that were to be protected, not only from corporate structures but also limit the power of our government. The Constitution of the United States is missing one important detail, to outline the importance of keeping the cannabis plant in the hands of the people.

It looks like that may now be challenged and a proposal has been written, waiting for the right person to take hold and run with it to the national scene. Are you that person, or do you know that person? Have a look and share it with others if you think this is how it should be.

To hopefully become an initiative and later an amendment to the US Constitution:

If you think it’s time for national change. Get involved. Make noise. Force the change you want. It is our right. Don’t let them take it away from us.

Gods Gift


7 thoughts on “US Constitution, Ready for Change

  1. I would like to see a Nuremberg trial of all drug cops. Just like the Nazi scum that was tried, after WW2 these cops are trampling our rights, and we should try and then hang them all.

    There is even a Federal Law that they could be prosecuted under. USC title 18 sections 241 & 242. Violation of rights under color of law. It proscribes penalties up to death.


  2. The constitution does not need touched. It does not authorize the United Nations war on drugs at all….

    Per the Declaration we have all rights. What the hell are you going to do write 500 new amendments, one for each drug that we have a God given right to ingest?


    • How is cannabis a drug? Cannabis is a plant. and for some reason one of the only plants around that we seem to think it’s okay to take away from others. Why? because it will destroy the power hungry, profiteers strangle hold on our health and well being. Hemp has been used for every war throughout history until of late. Many of the amendments within the bill of rights should already cover the cannabis plant, like the second speaking arms. Arms has as much to do with defense as it does offence. This plant can create a defense for the people that can be grown in their back yards. Why would the government want that? And that is just one. So is this plant deserving of it’s own place within the writings of the constitution? I believe so.


      • Unless we are playing semantical games it is most definitely and unarguably a drug, as are most of the nutritional supplements that I take and most of the foods that I eat.

        The fact that the FDA illegitimately claims jurisdiction over “drugs” does not change reality. If it is a drug, or not a drug is not relevant as far as my rights go. I own my body and I have the right to choose what I put into it, drug or no drug.

        a substance used as a medication or in the preparation of medication
        c according to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (1) : a substance recognized in an official pharmacopoeia or formulary (2) : a substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease (3) : a substance other than food intended to affect the structure or function of the body (4) : a substance intended for use as a component of a medicine but not a device or a component, part, or accessory of a device


        • Semantics are important. Are carrots a drug? Is nutmeg a drug? Point being, there are drugs, pharmakea, and then there are medicines. The word medicine has been taken over by the drug industry. and the word drug has become synonymous with healing. I don’t know about you but the drugs I have studies do little for curing and mostly has toxic side effects. I understand that the government has chosen to add plants into the category of “drug” but that is the problem. A plant is not a drug! Can a plant be altered into a drug? Absolutely. I found how important the definition of words are when we wrote the definition for the”Best Interest of the Child” phrase within the family courts, up in WI. Passed in 2000 as law, nick-named the “Millennial Law”. Point being, when somebody wants to demonize something, they have a tendency to add whatever it is to a list that consists of the opposite of what it truly is. Please tell me when plants, not being altered, started to be defined as drugs .


          • Pat did you even bother to see what the definition of the word drug means?

            Plants are drugs if you are at all educated on what they do……

            “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

            Didn’t you get it that it doesn’t freaking matter? We all have a right to manufacture, buy, sell, or ingest ANY drug that we wish to. PERIOD

            Anyone that argues that we don’t has no clue as to what the word “right” means, or the principles that this county was founded upon.


          • This has nothing to do with drugs. Why are you trying to make it become that way? This has to do with a plant. If you want to argue semantics on drugs, that is your option. Here is a photo of a 1956 Websters.
            1. Any substance used in the preparation of medicines or of chemical mixtures employed in the arts; especially, a narcotic.
            2. Any unsalable commodity, especially from overproduction.
            Please explain how this has to do with a plant, except, a plant, animal or mineral, if used for the purpose of combining itself with other plant, animal or mineral, to create something other than, “a plant”.
            You see, this has nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with someone thinking they have the right to take a plant away from another. The cannabis plant is way more than medicine too. It is a plant that could literally help save the world. It is food, clothing, oils for fuel and cooking, paper, fibers, housing materials, armor, and so much more, how can one define it as a drug? As I said before a a carrot a drug? How about the rest of the plants we use for food? How about the meats we eat, are they drugs?


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