My Top Ten Reasons to Vote “NOTA”

Hear are my top ten reasons to stay away from the names that are chosen as Manchurian, oops, I mean candidates and vote NOTA, or None of the Above.

Even if one of the candidates weren’t pre-chosen, our votes are:

your vote counts.jpg

1. from dead people


2. from illegal aliens


3. are not counted in america


4. hacked through electronic voting.


5. controlled by Soros, Rockefeller,, Rothschild’s, and others controlling the rest of the world.


6. voting for the “lesser of two evils”

b and c.jpg

7. used for “Bread and Circus'” to make us feel like we are a part of the show.


8. superseded by the Electoral College

 puppets29. voting for the same. More puppets.


10. Conclusion. Our votes are irrelevant.

When will the time come to stop the evil that rules this world? If you think voting is going to do it you haven’t awakened yet.

Yahuwah Please help us.


One thought on “My Top Ten Reasons to Vote “NOTA”

  1. A very nebulous post, So not having any idea what this is all about, let me say that there are currently 2 parties worth paying attention to in the US. One is the globalist party. That includes the party that calls itself the Democrat party, and also the party that calls itself the Libertarian Party (but it has been co-opted by the globalist).

    The other party is the nationalist party, that was thankfully co-opted from the Republican party.

    So we have the choice of either a Satanic Globalist party candidate that have dominated our country for at least 100 years, OR, we can cast our lot with a party not controlled by Satanist.

    It is going to be one or the other……


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