New plan for Ozark riverways includes limits on motorboat, trail access

New plan for Ozark riverways includes limits on motorboat, trail access

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The Current River flows through the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in this 2004 file photo. The river is attractive for float trips and camping. The river is one of several that snakes its way through the area and adds to the splendor of the color when the leaves in the area change. ¦ JAMES A. FINLEY/THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
COLUMBIA — A new management plan for the Ozark National Scenic Riverways — its first update since 1984 — has been approved by the National Park Service.

Current River

Current River Photo:by Pat N DeHat

The plan includes new limits on horsepower for motorboats, vehicle access to gravel bars and intends to shut down some unauthorized trails. The final plan was approved on Jan. 22, according to a news release.

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Included in the final plan:

Motorboat restrictions: Motorboats will be allowed on all stretches of the park-controlled Current and Jacks Fork rivers. There are new limits, however, on horsepower and when motors can be used. Above Round Spring on the upper Current, and above Bay Creek on the Jacks Fork, no motorboats will be allowed between April 1 and Sept. 14, leaving the area exclusively for canoes and rafts. After prime floating season, 25 horsepower boats will be allowed. Below Big Spring, on the Current River, boats with up to 150 horsepower will be allowed. Previously, there were no limits in this area. The horsepower limits could take years to implement, according to summaries of the plan.
Camping on gravel bars: Camping on gravel bars will still be allowed. Designated sites will be accessible by licensed vehicles, though those sites have yet to be identified. Visitors can also settle on gravel bars by boat, but they must pick a site at least a half mile from any official campsite and 50 feet away from river access points. Some access points to the river are also likely to be shut down. These points have been blamed for accelerating erosion and decreasing water quality.
Horse trails: The National Park Service plans to incorporate 25 to 45 miles of unauthorized horse trails into the official trail system, while closing other stretches of trail. More trails could be added. Some of the unauthorized trails that included river crossings were criticized for contributing to erosion and harming water quality.
The go-ahead by the National Park Service marks the end of a contentious review process, with local residents concerned the federal government had gone too far with restrictions on their access to the rivers. Some also said the new restrictions could deter tourists.

But a proliferation of motorboats, unauthorized trails and roads, all-terrain vehicle use, horses and other activities are often blamed for poor water quality, making it difficult for species such as the Ozark hellbender salamander to survive, according to A Legacy of Neglect, a 2011 report by Susan Flader, an MU professor emerita.

Rebecca Landewe, the Current River project manager for the Nature Conservancy, said the final plan represents how the review process was supposed to work: The National Park Service took feedback and made changes accordingly.

For example, the draft plan outlawed all motorboats year round on the upper stretches of the two rivers. The upper Current is shallower than other stretches, and the National Park Service aimed to make the area better suited for floaters, who complained about motorboats.

But giggers and trappers use the river, too. As a compromise, motorboats are now allowed in the winter, fall and early spring, but not during the summer floating season.

“The process worked,” Landewe said. “The final plan indicates that public comments were taken into consideration — that they were trying to balance the needs of the river system with the needs of people who enjoy it.”

After the draft management plan was proposed in November 2013, the National Park Service hosted a series of open houses and received more than 3,000 comments, according to a news release.

It’s unclear when most of the changes will take effect. Some changes require additional regulation, funding or study. No one at the park’s Van Buren office was available for comment Friday.

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Back in, late 2012, on the way back from witnessing an acquaintance of ours, Douglas Howery, get railroaded through a, so called, murder trial, and received life in prison, my wife and I watched the sky turn from a normal sky blue, to this, because of “jet-trails”. Let’s say these “jet-trails” are a normal part of flight, just for the sake of this conversation. Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves and everyone else we know;. Is it right that the corporate world and/or others are taking away our sunlight? If everyone hasn’t noticed yet, the jets seem to be leaving long stripes in the sky’s, that don’t go away. They not only, don’t go away, but they grow, and “FILL” the skies, unil there is no more sun.. Now, I’m told, that condensation from the jets wings and moisture and certain types of fuel additives could be the cause of these stripes, but the science I’ve learned doesn’t match with the stories I’m being told. Either way, no matter what one wishes to call these “jet-trails”, or whatever the scientists, that are looking into it, find, the point remains that our sun is being blocked, on a regular basis by these growing stripes, and I for one am getting tired of not having access to my sun. I have to question the sanity of anyone that has been looking up at the sky’s and think that covering the sky, with whatever it is they are using, can be healthy.
Don’t let apathy kill this world. Together we can find the truth, but first we have to want to look for it.

-Pat N. DeHat

Missouri Bill Sets the Stage for Ending Cooperation with Feds

Written by:TJ Martinell

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Dec. 16, 2015 – A new bill introduced to the Missouri General Assembly could help put the nail the coffin on any enforcement of federal laws and regulations by the Show-Me State.

Introduced by State Rep. Mike Moon (R-Ash Grove ), House Bill 215 (HB215) would “prohibit the enforcement of any federal regulation by any state department or agency unless the enforcement is approved by the General Assembly.”

We’re not ones to exaggerate or overstate the significance of legislation. But if this bill were to pass, its repercussions for unconstitutional federal laws could be catastrophic. Such a law would mandate a public and open review of the extent to which the feds rely on states like Missouri to enforce their laws and regulations through local law enforcement.

For example, federal bureaucrats like the ATF, DEA, EPA and other federal ABC agencies depend on the resources and personnel from state law enforcement. Without those resources, they are incapable of giving federal laws any teeth in the state.

This is not just hearsay. The National Governor’s Association noted in a 2013 statement that the “states are partners with the federal government on most federal programs.” Not some, most.

To get an idea of just how utterly reliant the feds are on states like Missouri, The Environmental Council for the States reported in 2005 that the states conducted about 90 percent of all enforcement actions taken by both the states and the EPA. That’s 90 percent, not nine percent.

According to a DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics report, in 2008 the EPA employed just 202 full-time officers with arrest and firearm authority. They were listed as having another 40 full-time officers in a table titled, ‘Offices of inspectors general employing full-time personnel with arrest and firearm authority’.

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“Soul” train. The vaccine connection.

There has been a lot of discussion of late about the ebola outbreak and vaccines. It got me to thinkin’ about the cloned fetus‘ used to create all of these different types of injections and if each of the cloned genetics that are used have a piece of the soul along with the genetics? I don’t believe that anyone has shown a way to test this, and if we don’t know that answer, I would think that the question should be brought to the forefront.

That is my intention with this writing. To assume, that it is an impossibility would be illogical. So let’s assume, for this writeup’s sake, that a part of this child’s “soul” got transferred along with the genetics used. Let’s follow the life of this “soul“. baby vaccineThis soul was formed when mommy and daddy were playing with fate; Or, since I have no evidence of this happening, it may have been entirely planned from the start(when the sperm hits the egg).  It is said to have been aborted during a normal and healthy pregnancy, which would mean that during it’s fetal stage it has been through a normal growth of any other newly formed baby. Then all of a sudden, the baby’s life gets intruded upon and the safety of the mothers womb has been invaded. When all of a sudden this invader of your world comes and removes you from all you have ever known, the fear, the panic, the loneliness, that child must have felt. Now if this is the time they obtained the genetic tissues needed for their samples, Do you think the “soul” might carry that experience? Let’s follow through. This “soul” now ends up experiencing all types of different changes, going through the labs and manufacturing process, until it becomes a vaccine or whatever the genetic make-up has been used to create.

Now comes my philosophical conundrum. If that “soul” is still a part of the cells, then that would mean that when we received that vaccine or injection, we are allowing someone to inject this new creation into us. This murdered “soul“, crying out for its mommy and the cries for their mommy are ignored until they’re murdered. How many injections have you received? Ask yourself, do you really think all the cell structure used for the cloning is from just one or two murdered babies?  I don’t believe that, I can’t believe that. Keeping this in mind; How many suffering “souls” have been intentionally injected into our bodies for the sake of a maybe? Are those a seed of a “soul” growing inside each and every one of us that have received these injections?

So now what do we do?

First, investigate ALL injections received. Read the warning labels, and the ingredients. I, by no means, am telling anyone not to get any injections, I am saying, we need to learn what we are allowing into our bodies. After that we need to start living a clean life. A life as free of sin as one is able. Getting closer to God. It will become our choice on what we feed our spiritual self, and now, possibly, some uninvited guests. Our tomorrows are ours, where do we want them to take us? The choice is up to us. John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Written by Pat N. Dehat

Antony Sutton – The Jesuit Order of Skull and Bones [Brotherhood of Death]

Antony Sutton – The Jesuit Order of Skull and Bones [Brotherhood of Death]

Founded at Yale University in 1833 the skull and bones order has since, except for 1 year taken in 15 new members. It is not just another fraternal society, This is of Yale only. When they leave Yale they are to be considered knights and are to become patriarchs. Able to prove a conspiracy was happening, Antony Sutton wrote a book called an Introduction to the Order. He speaks of their temple, the numbers, the meetings, history, and their involvement with the Jesuits and our Governments.

This was recorded while Bush Sr. was VP., when watching keep in mind that they have had many years, since then, to put the people needed into positions throughout our political system to control every aspect of the decisions that come from our so called elected officials. How many of you have forgotten the warnings we grew up hearing about the NWO and other secret organizations? Well the warnings seemed to fall into deaf ears. Look around, what do you see? A world in conflict, or a world at peace? Where has our terrorism come from? When are you going to start looking closer to home? They are here with their NWO and Agenda 21. There is a reason we are in constant war, and nobody seems to care why.

The way I see it, is we have a choice to make. That choice is who are we going to believe? For ages, we have believed the people with the money because we thought they were the only ones who could afford the experimentation to get the right answers, and, well, just look, they must be right, ey’? They have all the money, right? But there seems to have been a shift of thought lately. It appears to me that people are starting to see greed for what it is, and they’re not liking it. Greed has changed the philosophy of the people to an immoral, Godless, group of people trying to find their way.

I do have the answer. There is a book out there called the Bible, The Word of God.  The King James happens to be my preference but to study His Word, one must delve deep into the Hebrew and many other other historical writings. I speak with people regularly about the things of old, written within those pages. On a regular basis I come across some who will let me know, without fail, that they have read the bible, some, will make sure I know that they have read it cover to cover, more than once. The question I pose is, did you understand it? I instantly get an of course i did. I’m not an idiot.

This brings the next point. The Words in the bible are just that, they are words. It would be like me tossing someone a rock and asking them to give me all the scientific history behind it. Most could not. At least until they were able to learn how to examine it, Put it under the microscope, if you will, maybe with friends or those that are familiar with such studies. The same goes for the bible. Reading the words, gives an impression to be a good book, but filled with fairy tales, and babble. Until you understand that there is a Teacher out there that can show you how to decipher that book, those words, will always be a bunch of words written in a book. If you decide to ask the Teacher, Yahushua (aka Jesus), to help you learn, not only of how to understand that book, but Life and Love itself, you will find yourself on a path of enlightenment that you didn’t even know existed. Without faith, you will not have understanding, of the ways of YHWH.

Written by, Pat N. DeHat

Antony Sutton – The Jesuit Order of Skull and Bones [Brotherhood of Death] from Pat in the hat on Vimeo.

Education Purpose Only.

So, who is Antony Sutton? you ask. Here is an intro, I just saw one of his videos, and it looks as though he was a truth seeker. Seems like quite the interesting man. This video was recorded when Bush sr. was VP. Here is more at wiki Antony Cyril Sutton (February 14, 1925 — June 17, 2002) was a British-born economist, historian, and writer. Most importantly, he was a very respectable and intelligent human being who obviously wanted the best for mankind by exposing facts that others would rather keep hidden.