Concerns of Toxic “MEDICAL MARIJUANA” Ballot Initiative Petition (Short version)

NAM’s proposed measure grants almost god-like authority to the Dept. of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to create virtually limitless new rules, restrictions, requirements, fees and penalties, with regard to “medical marijuana” in Missouri.

The Hempeneers Feb 21st 2016 interview

A talk about a plant

Poll Position.

Cannabis prohibition should be considered to be a tortuous act, being placed upon us by politicians, big corporations, prohibitionists, doctors, lawyers and anyone furthering the cause of this experiment and profiteering, and polls should have nothing to do with re-legalizing the cannabis/hemp plant.

TOXIC PROPOSALS: Why is NORML, Show Me Cannabis, and New Approach supporting prohibition?

New Approach Missouri, NORML and Show Me Cannabis support these Constitutional Amendments, despite their disingenuous claims that they are fighting cannabis prohibition.